Anjali Chandiramani


Anjali Chandiramani is a successful entrepreneur who’s been leading and managing her own fashion retail outlet. She has spent fourteen years using her organizational skills and passion to provide perfection to her clients . While she’s always taken a conscious effort to take care of her health by staying fit, over the past few years she has nurtured a desire to help others realize their fitness capabilities.

She explains the inspiration behind A-Tone,

“The combination of stress, unhealthy eating and no exercise can drain our happiness. And fitness is such a simple choice people can make but they get overwhelmed by the idea of where to start. This is what has motivated my venture- A-Tone- in collaboration with celebrity fitness coach- Yasmin. We’re here to guide those who approach us, whether they’re just starting off on their journey or need to challenge their bodies.”

A-Tone is founded on the mantra- Make the right choices for your body, not your comfort. Based on her personal experience and consultation with several experts in the industry, she ensures that her venture will represent not mere weight loss, but a holistic, personalized approach to mind & body wellness. Anjali firmly declares,

“There’s too much misinformation out there about weight loss. I’ve personally seen victims who succumb to quick fixes just to lose pounds on the scale and then later suffer with all sorts of complications. It really upsets me which is why fitness education & diet planning is going to be an important aspect of what we offer.”

Her personal fitness regime includes workout such as Pilates, swing yoga, circuit, barre and she enjoys healthy, wholesome meals throughout the day to keep her metabolism going.


Anjali has her mind and soul invested in her work. Her persistence and ability to understand individual needs and cater to them will make A-Tone a class apart and a fitness center definitely worth running towards.