REPs registered Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor

James Pickering

I am a REPs registered level 3 Personal Trainer and level 2 Fitness Instructor with additional certificates in Circuit Training, Studio Cycling, Gym-Based Boxing and Sports Nutrition.

My goal is to install lasting habitual changes and knowledge within individuals that can be passed on to their family, friends and work colleagues to create a more health-conscious society. By providing safe, exciting and challenging workouts accompanied by a well-structured diet/nutrition plan to ensure client satisfaction.

My main area of expertise lie in body compositional change that decreases body fat percentage, increases lean muscle tissue and improves cardio-vascular fitness by using high intensity functional training with a focus on building genuine athleticism and strength within the client to create a fit and healthy body.

The emphasis of this training is to coach clients how to perform the main compound movements safely and effectively whilst ensuring clients train with intensity and remain motivated to reach their fitness goals.

These training principles are supported by a structured nutrition and supplementation plan that is tailored to both client needs and dietary preferences to ensure consistency and sustainability.


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