Personal and Rehab Trainer

Prayas Kharbadikar

Prayas Kharbadikar is a personal and rehab trainer specializing in reformer pilates, calisthenics, functional training and weights.

Hailing from India and now based in Dubai, Prayas gained the trust of his clients a co-operators alike, in a relatively short space of time he has worked with a curated sample of A-list celebrities [Malalika Arorakhan, Neha Dhuapia, Anusha Dandekar, Daisy Shah, Lara Dutta, Karan Kundar] Professional Athletes [Yuvraj & Devindar Walmiki] international models and Miss India contestants to name a few.

Prayas is widely recognized for his expertise and commitment, working with each of his clients on an individual basis in developing innovative fitness techniques through reformer pilates and functional fitness focusing on achieving long-term results through challenging varied workouts and customised nutritional techniques.
With a client list as diverse as his training methods, Prayas emphasizes on training modalities that can be transferred from the pilates studio into daily life.

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