By A-Tone On Jan 9, 2020, 3:39:00 PM

The rich aromas wafting from a humble cup of Arabic coffee has many legends and stories underneath its plentiful cup. Today we take a look at five such exciting facts that depict the rise and rise of Arabic coffee in the world markets. Hope these enthralling facts about specialty coffee Dubai lead you to try out the different types of coffee available in the region. The little-known facts about coffee are as follows.

Specialty Coffee Dubai

Unique Cultivation Method

You would be surprised to know that the Dubai coffee that we relish so thoroughly follows a unique cultivation pattern. They are known to grow at an altitude of around 1200 meters. Its two key branches include the Arabica coffee and the Robusta coffee bean. Connoisseurs worldwide relish both types of coffee with equal enthusiasm. The race for the best type of coffee still continues across different parts of the world. But one thing is sure – for now, Arabic coffee leads by miles over the Robusta blend of coffee.

Worldwide Dominance

You would be surprised to know that a majority of market share in the worldwide coffee market is held by Arabic coffee. Yes, you heard that right. Every 4 out of 5 cups of coffee would typically be an Arabic coffee. This is the level of global dominance Arabic coffee has. Now you know the source behind the smooth taste and rich flavor of the coffee cup you are devouring

Better Taste

This type of coffee comes with 60% more lipids and 2x the sugar content as compared to other types of coffee. This naturally elevates the taste palate of the coffee. This leads to a better taste and a rescued level of bitterness. As an outcome, the cleaner mouthfeel always manages to enthrall the coffee drinkers.

Better Taste

Pollination in Coffee

If we compare the two famous types of coffee from a pollination perspective, then the differences are subtle but have a great impact. Robusta is cross-pollinating. Because of this, there tends to be a lot of diversion from the base coffee flavor. While many may consider these as different types of coffee tastes, a true-blue coffee enthusiast will appreciate the consistency of taste that suits his/ her palate. Fortunately, Arabic coffee has self-pollinating characteristics. Hence its manufacture will lead to consistent taste across different plantations. The degree of variation too will be less – making it a favorite with coffee drinkers across the world.

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