By A-Tone On Feb 5, 2020, 5:13:00 PM

A rental car is a great idea when you’re staying in Dubai but don’t drive frequently to actually buy one. However, you deserve a good deal on your rental car model. Here are some tips and tricks that will give you much better results while also not putting pressure on your wallet. Make sure you enjoy your time with the rental car while you handle it with safety by getting a Rent a car Dubai Al Quoz now!

Refuel Before Returning the Car

After you are all done with your trip and the duration of the rent is over, you have to return your rental car as it is. However, don’t do that right after the end of the trip. Fill the tank up and then deliver the car to the car rental service. You’d think what is it to you? You’re done with your trip. The thing is if you return the car with an empty tank because they will have to fill it themselves. They will charge twice or thrice the price of fuel to the bill. So, spend the normal amount of money on fuel than having thrice the amount show up on your final bill.

Rent a Car Dubai al Quoz

Don’t Go Off Roading

When you are renting a car, it is ideal to not go off road when you have the car with you. Most car rental agencies don’t like it when you do that about most of their car models. Grass, mud, sand surfaces come under off roading. Driving on these surfaces could be a violation of the rules given by your car rental service and could also make the car dirty and expose it to certain hazards. If the car gets too dirty, the fees will go up. 

Car Insurance

Normally, you would get your rental car insurance at the rental car service but the insurance there is actually higher than necessary. So, keep that idea as the last option. Your own car insurance could possibly cover rental cars. Your own credit card company could extend their resources and provide you with car insurance as a credit card benefit. This is cheaper than rental car service provided car insurance. 

These are some of the handy tips you should think about when you are renting a car in Dubai.