By A-Tone On Oct 29, 2019, 4:22:00 AM

As cool as spinning the wheel single-handedly or by your palm may sound, it’s highly advisable not to perform such stunts. While it may seem possible in movies, the reality begs to differ. For optimum protection, you should hold your steering wheel using both your hands. Apart from that, you must also ensure you place your hands in the right position. Most people believe that the ideal position for hands is eight and two o’clock. But to be on the safe side in case of any incident, you should place your hands in the 9 and 3 o’clock positions. It gives the airbags enough space in case they deploy. Here are some tips from Speedy Drive for your rental car because your safety comes first.

Use Both Hands

It is common in movies - actors maneuvering the steering wheel using only one hand. But don't try it, it would be difficult to control your car if in case you turn into an emergency situation. Always place both hands on the steering while on the driver’s seat. For manual drives, the hand must immediately return to the steering once the gear has been shifted.

The Easy Method to be in Control

Known as the push and pull method, this can help you to maintain a firm grip and preventing slipping. Drivers should always avoid the temptation of spinning the handwheel or slipping it through one hand without clasping. When making a turn, one hand pushes the steering wheel as the other pulls it in the same direction. The technique ensures that your hands are always as far apart as possible for smooth spinning.

Ensure Proper hand placement

It is quite debatable because of the long-time belief that the 8 and 2 o’clock position is the best. However, if you check, the manufacturer places the finger grips in 9 and 12 positions. That does say something about safe driving. It is the ideal position to place your hands for safe driving. Placing both hands at the top of the steering wheel is no different from using a single hand to hold the wheel.

Maintain the Grip

It is advisable to keep both hands firmly gripped on the steering wheel. However, avoid clenching on the handwheel because it can tire your hands. Even when driving on a straight road, you should maintain a firm grip on the wheel, using both your hands. It, however, isn’t applicable when reversing the vehicle. Here you will have to multitask. Place one hand on the wheel and simultaneously place your other hand behind the passenger seat. Doing so gives you a better position while looking at the rear for any obstacle while parking.

Driving Wheel Positioning or Adjustment

For a better grip, you should first adjust the steering column to a comfortable position. Avoid straining while reaching to the brakes, clutch or accelerator. Position your seat to allow free movement and maximum front view, without having to adjust constantly. Doing so should also enable you to see all the mirrors. You can always alter the wheel upwards or downwards to ensure maximum comfort.