By A-Tone On Dec 26, 2019, 1:11:00 PM

Dubai is a land of picturesque sky and coastline, which becomes all the more beautiful when you are vacationing atop a private yacht. What beats the thrill of cruising throughout the Emirate and exploring the great Arabian Sea. But what if you can all this and much more without spending more than your budget. Choosing a good deal on a charter yacht not only helps you enjoy your picture-perfect holiday but also crucial for your pocket. Here we have listed five tips on how you can get the best yacht rental Dubai price in the market on your chartered boat.

Plan Your Trip in Advance

First things first, start by planning your perfect holiday destination. When you set on a destination, there are so many factors that affect the pricing of the package like travel date, guest list, duration, and activities that you would like to do either on the yacht or around the place you will visit.

Plan Your Trip in Advance


Now that you have decided on your vacation destination, it time to settle on a budget. You must decide whether you want a bareboat or skippered charter. Bareboat means you get a cruise without crew, whereas skippered means the yacht comes with a crew. Always set a decent budget and evaluate what deal is the best deal for you.

Immediate Booking

The next thing after you have settled on a destination and budget is to book the yacht you desire immediately. Though some yacht charters offer the best discount on the last-minute booking it is advised that you do not wait for more discounts or offers.

Charter Type

Since it was established earlier that bareboat chartering costs significantly less than the skippered charter. It is still advisable that you hire a local skipper if you wish to enjoy a relaxing cruise. By chartering a skippered yacht not only will you get to spend quality time with the family, but also be free from the upkeep and maintenance of the yacht.

Identify Additional Costs

Avoid Peak Seasons

It is always advised that while booking for your holiday you must avoid the high season. During the peak of the holiday season, you may the best of the weather to enjoy your holiday but it also means the place where you are planning to will be busy tackling tourists and will cost you more.

Identify Additional Costs

Though pre-booking everything is better, it is also advisable that you take expenses like mooring fees, marina costs, eating out and traveling into consideration. Inclusion of these costs, later on, can disturb your budget. It is advisable to visit our website on more such information.